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Trusted Water Treatment.

Quality Service.Decades of Experience.

Our highly trained staff of professionals will assess all water quality concerns based on your project requirements. We provide equipment systems, filter media and services and have the experience to effectively and efficiently treat contaminated water and vapors to protect human health and the environment.

We are Professionals

We will find solutions suitable to your project using the best resources and methods available today.

We are Trusted

Carbonworks is here to help you with your contaminated water or vapor issues. Our number of repeat customers reflects the high level of trust they have in us and our services.

We are Experts

We encourage you to investigate Carbonworks' history and team. We would be happy to provide you with references on past projects from engineers and industry professionals that have used our services for decades. We take pride in who we are and the equipment we provide.

Our Services


Water and Vapor Treatment

We design, deliver and setup your unique Water and Vapor Treatment System to treat or remove 850+ various compounds.
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NPDES Compliance

Dewatering and stormwater management are common challenges on many construction sites subject to NPDES permits.
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Pipeline Treatment

The Carbonworks professionals are the experts in pipeline projects and our equipment is designed for the rigors of a pipeline road.
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Perfluorinated Compound Treatment

Treating perfluorinated compounds requires careful consideration. Trust the experts at Carbonworks.
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Construction Dewatering

The experts at Carbonworks have spent many hours working around both remediation and civil improvement sites.
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Media Exchanges and Sales

Carbonworks specializes in media exchanges. We remove and recycle or dispose of spent media and replace it with new media.
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Carbonworks proudly custom-builds its own equipment!

We offer a broad selection of water treatment equipment.


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